Friday, May 23, 2014

Any news Pingouin?

Well what's been happening lately? I'm currently still working with Tuesday Quest on their next game. 
I know a little penguin who's lacking attention nowadays, so, Pingouin, let's present the game!

Okay let me explain what is this evil game that is postponing my Hiraganas lessons!
It's called Puzzle Forge 2 and is the sequel of Puzzle Forge ( "< obviously) that you can already find on Googleplay here.
Tuesday Quest is working very hard ( "< most days) to create a better blacksmith experience.

Have a look at both games:

  Puzzle Forge 1                                                  Puzzle Forge 2

Now you can add magic and gems to your weapons! Days and seasons pass and the weather affects the board game. There's also new customers and... an inventory!
All will be more dynamic and animated! ( "< thanks to Unity!)
I'm planning my sudden apparition in the game as a daring adventurer!
Customers: (20 expected)

That's all for today but I will soon make an international exclusive interview of Tuesday Quest! Have a nice nap everybody!