Sunday, August 23, 2015

Catchin' Cats Chapter 2: User Interface 1.0

My eyes!!! What have you done to my eyes!!!

Oh I'm so sorry Pingouin, I should have warned you. But you're here early!
Well today we will talk about... our first GUI!

That's what you call GUI? Seriously?

As you could guess, it's all placeholder! Let me explain: after we made our first prototype, my friend needed a lot of assets to start working. It didn't have to be pretty or anything, juste to be there, and close enough to the final version in functionality.
So I made a quick flowchart (I already had drafts of what I wanted) and UI assets. I used round shapes and purple colors.

 About that flowchart... Excuse-me but navigation seems a bit complicated to me!

Well that's true... when browsing menus, the player moves to different parts of a same background, and that's not really... ergonomic.
But all the important informations are on the main page and you don't need to browse those menus often.
So I decided to make a funny navigation, with a nice atmosphere and cute kittens to discover!

Okay then, but do something for that background!

Oh Pingouin...
Here are the first rough, line art, and final result! You're feeling better?

Yes! That's much better, I know exactly where I will take my first nap!

I'm glad you like it! Pingouin?


Well... see you soon for a new chapter!

Catchin' Cats is available on Googleplay!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Catchin' Cats is available on Google Play!

Catchin' Cats is available on Google Play! Play it! Spread the word!

Those damned kittens are finally ready! Let's make another game!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Catchin' Cats Chapter 1

 We're back to tell our little Catchin' Cats story!

Yes Pingouin. Now we go back in December 2014!

After spending the year working on Tuesday Quest little games, I was in no way ready to work in a bigger team. I wished to spend a few more months on indie games and develop one of my own.
And I got pretty lucky! A friend of mine was in the same spirit, and she was a programmer so we completed each other skills! Plus we both wanted to make something really cute!

We started to work on the game prototype!

What did we need to start?

Well first, as we wanted kittens to fall from the sky, we needed kittens...

Oh yes, I see kittens! Damned I've seen kittens everywhere since you started to work on this game...

And we wished them to be funny and dynamic, so I prepared them for animation...

 This is terrible! I hope you you're not planning to do that evil thing to me!

Well Pingouin, if you ever wish to be part of a game, I'm afraid you will have to pass through this process...

Try on the Raptor first!
What happened next?

We worked within Unity for a few days (that's the coding part, not mine ^^), and... voilĂ !

That's a tower of cats falling from the sky!

Yeah! We got our prototype ready pretty quickly, but that was just the very first step!
You're ready to comment the next part?

Oh, he's asleep already...
Stay tuned! ;)