Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hello 2017!

January: I got back to work with Tuesday Quest! It's sooooo much interesting to be reunited with them! They're still working on their next game while I'm taking care of our dear Hungry Cat Picross. ^^

Then I joined 2 former co-workers for the Global Game Jam: 

I wanted to draw some food, the theme was "waves"... we ended up with a micro-wave fighting game! 

February: This inspired me to draw a LOT more food! I think I will need the whole year to complete this. ^^


I'm also trying to master AdobeSketch on my Ipad pro with Dinos Trees!

Yes Pingouin, I know you're getting impatient. I have still a loooooot of programming to learn before I start to work on your app but we'll get there!