Friday, August 30, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor: Tiles (part 3)

More Pingouin & Raptor \ ">/
And some cosplay ^^
I have now 77 tiles ready, I don't really like some of them so I'm going to make 100 and drop 10.
And just for fun :

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor: Tiles (part 2)

New tiles!
I also changed the red tile into a purple one.
49 done, 41 to go!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor: Tiles (part 1)

Time for tiles!
There are 90 different tiles to make, fortunately I can divide them into 45 pingouins and 45 raptors.
Still that's a huge lot! ^^
With Pingouin & Raptor: Katakanas, I made a lot of costumes for them therefore I already have a nice list of ideas.
For Hungry Cat Mahjong we used 3 categories of cat (kitten, young and old cat), and declined them into different colors and  costumes. And there were 4 tile colors. Here I cannot use this trick the same way. I have 2 categories of animals, so I will use 6 different tile colors. I can change the colors of the outfits, but not those of Pingouin & Raptor... Well, even though I can cheat a little on this, making the Raptor sick or angry, for example.
Here are the 24 first tiles: 

A quick mock-up:

It seems I will have to decrease the saturation of the backgrounds.

Only 66 new tiles to go!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor Mahjong: Backgrounds

It took some time but I finally have all the backgrounds ready!
All are Japanese typical sceneries: 
- 2 for the menus: Mt Fuji and Tokyo tower
- I made 7 in-game backgrounds and I must chose 6 of them. 3 are very traditional, a cherry tree, a Hiroshima Torii and a little temple. The 4 others are urban: Akihabara, the Skytree, the famous 109 building and Harajuku station.

For the in-game backgrounds, I worked on a generic dark frame and I balanced the colors and brightness. I added a wave pattern on some of them. I will probably have to work on them later with the final tiles.
In the end, I didn't select the 109 building :/ Of course I can always change my mind :D

Friday, August 2, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor Mahjong: Final Mock-ups

A quick update today:
I finally have all the mock-ups ready \o/

And a new background \o/

 "> ?