Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tuesday Quest's Interview (English)

Tuesday Quest are two friends, John and Vincent, who decided to make their own video games two years ago. Try their nice little games on iOS or GooglePlay!

“< Hi guys! I won’t ask you to take a nap, I know you’ve been drinking coffee after your meal… that evil drink from hell… That’s so nice of you to let me invite myself here!

(Vincent )You’re welcome!

“< Still… Would you like to take a nap?

(John) Oh please no, we don’t have time.

“< You weren't born in a sleeping egg, that’s a given, but where do you come from?

(John) I was born in Paris, then I lived in Annecy and on the Isle of Ré (before it started to become way too much touristic) and then I came back in Paris.

(Vincent) I was born in Melle and I grew up in a small village near Niort. I studied in Poitiers and started working in Paris for my first job.

“< And so you ended up in the video game industry for a special reason?

I was working in a big IT company on web development and when my first son was born, something clicked inside of me and I decided to do what I always wanted to do: developing video games.

After my internship in Poitiers (Biology and IT) when I started to look for a job, I decided to take a chance on video games, which was my passion. I simply had to ask myself “what do you really want to do?”

“< Tuesday Quest now that’s original and everybody always ask: where does that come from?

I will let John answer, it’s his fault.

At first it was a private joke, and then we decided to make something special in our games on Tuesdays (new levels, special achievements, etc)  

“< That is fascinating, my own Tuesday sleeping Quest brings me from the bed to the couch, it’s a formidable journey!
At this point you have released 5 games: let’s present them!

Our first game, Hungry Cat Mahjong, is a simple Mahjong game with cute kittens and fun bonuses.

- Puzzle Forge was our second game, a match-3. It takes place in a medieval town where you play a blacksmith. You must forge weapons as requested by traveling heroes while combining elements and managing the space on the board.  

- Goblins’ Rush: it’s an action-defender. You must prevent goblins from destroying your crystal. As a mage you can shoot them or throw fireballs and objects on their head. The game is full of action!

- Fruits ’n Goblins: it’s some kind of mix between Peggle, Pachinko and Flipper. You need to send goblins on the board to make them eat as much fruits as possible before they meet their dreadful ends on dirty traps.

-Hungry Cat Picross is our last game released on December 2013. It comes from a classical picross principle where we added colors to create pictures. It’s a real puzzle game, simple but not simplistic that core gamers and casual gamers can enjoy.

“< Who’s doing what in your team (of two people)?

I take care of the creative part. At first we plan the new game concept together and I write the documents that we will use in production. Then I work on the graphics, sounds, and tuning.
After the game is released I try to manage the communication about it, but it’s hard because we already start to work on another game (and also because it’s not my cup of bergamot tea at all)

I’m doing the programming part. After we agreed on the new concept I make a prototype. When we’re okay with it, the real production of the game starts.

“< I know you’re both core gamers but somewhat different. One is pro-Nintendo and the other pro-Microsoft (and I don’t even talk about your Sony fangirl squatter). You guys never fight?!

We throw blue shells at each other everyday!
Seriously we have our preferences, usually due to exclusive licenses, but we do appreciate to talk about our favorite games and share them with each over. We discovered in time that our tastes are different but complement each other for work!   

That’s it!

“< What about now? What are you up to?

Puzzle Forge 2! We’ve been working on it for several months. It will be our longest production thus far and we hope we won’t disappoint our followers!  

“< And next: fame, millions, stars?

Yep! And then we move out to Caribbeans as scheduled!  

“< What about a game with an incredibly charismatic penguin?! I also have a raptor as a stunt for action scenes!

Why not, send us your resume!

Mmmmh we could make a super coop game with such a team.

“< trick question: how many pillows do you sleep with?

One in the evening, none in the morning. I probably toss it out during sleep ^^’

Only one for me, and it remains in place. I don’t move much at night.

“< You’re truly a nice little team! Last questions: what are you playing right now?

Right now? Watch Dogs! I didn’t expect it but it really turned out well and there is so much to do. I like hunting weekend hackers who try to infiltrate my game :P

I prefer to jump from one game to another: Mario Kart 8 and Pikmin 3 on WiiU, Stealth Inc on PSVia, X3 on computer, and Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360.

“< And for which one are you thrilled with anticipation?

Ahem… that’s a difficult question. Destiny comes first, cause I’m a Bungie fan; I want to know what they’re up to after Halo. Then… Halo 5, hoping the series will develop. And more SciFi! I want lots and lots of SciFi! And a little Elder Scroll to come with it… that’s all!

As a Nintendo fanboy, I’m eager for Zelda WiiU. But I’m also very interested in Rime, No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4.

“< That was really great guys, but I‘m very busy and I’ve got some sleep to catch up! Come on, you’re invited, I insist!

Not too long then, we must go back to work!

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