Sunday, November 6, 2016

Busy busy?

Okay so many things happened this year, I totally forgot to update this blog... so let's take a minute to collect our thoughts....
Well I started this year wishing to improve in backgrounds:

A little collaboration with a 3D artist friend:

Petit Grou invaded my files:

Even commissions where he was not invited!

Then I got a full time job as a pixel artist, and less time for digital painting... So I made more pixel art!
My little Pony

Petit Grou in various challenges

20 Japanese dishes

Now... I'm learning programming more seriously and I've got great plans for 2017! Don't worry Pingouin, you'll be joining Petit Grou in a big adventure very soon:

User Interface research

So far 2016 is a busy busy year \<"/

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