Monday, August 12, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor Mahjong: Backgrounds

It took some time but I finally have all the backgrounds ready!
All are Japanese typical sceneries: 
- 2 for the menus: Mt Fuji and Tokyo tower
- I made 7 in-game backgrounds and I must chose 6 of them. 3 are very traditional, a cherry tree, a Hiroshima Torii and a little temple. The 4 others are urban: Akihabara, the Skytree, the famous 109 building and Harajuku station.

For the in-game backgrounds, I worked on a generic dark frame and I balanced the colors and brightness. I added a wave pattern on some of them. I will probably have to work on them later with the final tiles.
In the end, I didn't select the 109 building :/ Of course I can always change my mind :D

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