Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's up Pingouin?!

Wow it's been a while!

Yeah you've be ignoring me for too long... Drawing kittens and more kittens...

I'm so sorry Pingouin, working on our first indie game just took all my time and energy...
Will you help me present our little game and its production process?

Only if your next game involve my cute and inestimable character!

Deal! I'll start working on a "Pingouin & Raptor... something" shortly ;)

So, let's introduce our 2nd Team's first production: Catchin' Cats!

That's the banner picture we've been using and posting everywhere, I'm kinda sick of it, even if I understand you're trying to establish a visual brand!

That's it Pingouin, we need it to be recognizable!
But that's the communication part, and we ought to tell the story from the start!

Well it all started 3 years ago in Tokyo when we were winning all those cute kitten plushies from the MewMew Tower in UFO catchers!

Wait, A TOWER OF KITTIES?! That's AWESOME! I liked that game concept and yet I thought that it could well be mixed with a more dynamic gameplay like Tetris.

A few months later, I worked on some mock-ups to materialize my idea:

Cats would fall from the sky and you would have to catch them on a moving tower.

I believed then (and I still do) that making a cute game with kitties could work well on mobile platforms... But it would take a long time before I planned anything more for this concept!

So that's it?! We will continue the story later? I can take an afternoon nap?

That's it Pingouin! Sleep tight and stay tuned for the next chapter to come!

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