Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hungry Cat Mahjong Reskin with Pingouin & Raptor

Not so long ago, I worked with Tuesday Quest to make their very first game on Android phones, Hungry Cat Mahjong .
Since then, we often talked about a Pingouin & Raptor game but lacked the time and resources to make it. (As I'm working a full time job and they focused their 3 next games on little greeny goblins)

The solution was to reskin one of their games, it would not need more programming, and some new game design only if they felt like it.

And so, I started to work on Pingouin & Raptor : Mahjong! A new adventure begins ^^

First step is to create some mock-ups to define a new art direction. The asian theme used in Hungry Cat Mahjong is working fine with Pingouin & Raptor and we can keep the fish (Pingouin likes them a lot ">,)

The first mock-up I made was way too serious and I tried a lot of things to make it funnier and colorful while keeping a Japanese print style. I was very inspired by Ôkami ^^ (obviously...)
For the "Play" button, I chose an asian scroll, then proposed different versions of it. Finally I've gone back to the first version with more colours and a bamboo pattern ^^
I still have doubts on the icon buttons: even thought I like how they look like laquered boxes, the red colour could be interpreted as agressive or negative. It may change with the next mock-ups to come ^^

Stay tuned!

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