Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor Mahjong, step 2

Now that I have some kind of artistic direction on the main menu, I can start working on the other screens.
Theme and level selection are quite easy to make: I can't move or re-size the buttons so I just change the wood boards into scrolls. Colors are different depending of the theme or the difficulty; I will stuck to those used in Hungry Cat Mahjong.
I still ponder if the scroll on top of the screen (which contains only information) and the blue generic (clickable) buttons are too similar and therefore might confuse the player, both are wood boards in Hungry Cat Mahjong and it's working well, so...
Now the tutorial screen gives me more of a challenge: the big scroll in the center is re-sizable depending of the screen and used in several different cases. The red frame is quite impressive, and I like how it matches with the  background and other elements, but well, it's red...In the end I chose the beige one, more neutral.
With the "next" button I encounter the same issue than on the main menu, but this time, I obviously cannot use red for the icon. Green's working well though.
The victory/defeat screen to come will help me make up my mind! Well I certainly hope so.

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