Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pingouin & Raptor Mahjong: Backgounds time!

Finally it's time to make backgrounds!
There's 2 for the main menu and 6 for the in-game part.
I want to make some geek, cute and fun Japanese scenery XD
As I already mentioned, I have in mind all the issues we faced two years ago for Hungry Cat Mahjong.
Regarding backgrounds, the first pictures I made were too bright and colorful (you can see them here)
It couldn't work because the tiles needed to be enhanced for they are the main gameplay element, and they were drowned into the pictures.
In the end, a generic frame in a single hue was placed upon each picture to darken it.

This time, I try to make those pictures fit as background elements immediately. The 2 main screens are the easiest to make as I know exactly what will figure on them. Some hue changes and we're almost done! (Yes I did forget Pingouin & Raptor on the Tokyo Tower picture -_-)
But for the others... First attempt proves me that it will not be so easy, and I'll probably have to use the same trick with a generic frame on top of those pictures.

Next: more backgrounds \o/

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